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My Very First Blog Post! :)


Hi friends!  Here it is…my very first blog post.  I am excited, nervous, uncertain and yet SO certain at the same time – and the more I post, the more you all will realize that I can feel ALL of the “feels” in a nanosecond (insert emoji with the 2 hands up shoulder shrug).  I promise to make this blog honest, raw, and hopefully beautifully emotional and inspiring to all of you readers. So let’s start by being completely honest about how “inspo&grace” – my heart project, came to be. The true beginning of this may surprise you.


2016 was rough.  Can I get an Amen?!  I know I wasn’t the only one.  Every time I logged into social media, or turned on the news, or overheard things at work…it was just everywhere.  Everyone and everything was so tense. People were arguing. Click-bait videos were titled “___ reporter ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISHES ____’s beliefs,” or “____ lives matter is wrong, and here’s why..” and it went on and on.  I felt physically sick every time I saw all of this stuff. Every Sunday morning I learned about being loving, gracious, merciful, forgiving, etc…and then I would walk out those doors, and all I could see was the opposite happening in the world around me.


Martin Luther King Jr. could not have been more right. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  LIGHT and LOVE. So that was my mission.  To open my eyes and look for this everywhere.  And once I started, I realized that it was truly EVERYWHERE!  It was in the hearts of the couple who had been together for 60 years. It was in the soul of the young entrepreneur who was already donating a percentage of his profits to charity.  It was in the eyes of young girls who overcame challenging childhoods to be the first high school graduates in their families. It was in the hand holds and long nights on a hospital couch when a loved one was in the ICU.  


Inspiration is everywhere.  Grace is everywhere. They are the constant lights that are fighting the darkness.  And they deserve to be shared!! So that is my mission. To share the people, the companies, the stories that inspire me day in and day out.  They fill up my cup and I am so excited to let them overflow to all of you. Even if ONE person feels inspired, feels loved, or starts to believe how worthy he or she is in this beautiful life from this mission, then mission accomplished.  So much love to you all. I cannot wait to share more and I cannot wait to get to know all of you <3!

Xoxo  Lindsey Sholtis

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