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Circa 2013, I wanted to check out the clearance section of a local Z Gallerie.  As I walked up, the window display of the shop next door immediately stole my attention – it was an adorable shop called “Lizard Thicket Boutique.”  They had the cutest clothes I had ever seen in one store, but my favorite part as a recent graduate was that they were good quality and affordable!  I became a frequent shopper, and time after time, I was always so taken aback by how sweet and kind everyone who worked there was.  They were always so genuine in their help and conversations.


I did not have an appreciation for how much their other customers loved them as much as I did, until one, mind-blowing day.  Black Friday.  Ha!  I got to the store two hours before I had to leave for work, and thought for sure I would at least get in within an hour and have 45 minutes or so to shop and check out.  Boy was I wrong.  I was probably the 300th gal in line, and I never even got in! Let’s just say, I was very happy for the shop, but super sad for myself.  Coincidently, there was a very similar-style shop for young women next door that is a well known, chain-store.  They did not have a line at the door, nor at their registers.  So how did the mom and pop-style boutique out-sell one of the most popular shops for that demographic on that crazy Friday morning?  My theory is that you can’t fake genuine love for your employees, customers and community.  


“Rooted in style…growing in purpose.”  I have yet to share the best part about this place.  Their community involvement; the way they give back!  I had seen on their social media about their “We Give Wednesdays,” and I would try to plan out my shopping trips there on those days any chance I could.  One Wednesday each month, all Lizard Thicket stores host “We Give Wednesdays” as an opportunity for the customers to help them give back!  That day, 10% of all sales are donated to a charity of the

month.  They always share the charity, and the charities are always organizations that are local to one of their shop locations in the country.  Starting the same year that I first found Lizard thicket, they also started a clothing line called “Wednesdays.”  All year long, 10% of the profits from that line are donated to a charity of their choice. As of March 2019, these two fundraising sources have donated $246,852.10!  


Giving back through sales donations was reason enough for me to continue to love shopping at Lizard Thicket.  However, I learned that they do not stop there with the way they love their employees and community. 

 [As a side note – this is why I feel so blessed to be doing “inspo&grace.”  I get to be constantly exposing myself to more incredible, inspiring things people do every single time I “work” on it! …Okay, back your regularly scheduled programming!]

When I looked at their community involvement page, I saw post after post about how their employees banded together to give back to their communities.  They ran 5Ks for charity together, they volunteered at soup kitchens, local fundraisers, or packed meals for local food pantries.  Each posting still has a link if anyone wants to continue to help their causes, and I have included the links, as well!  Here are just a few examples!


Autism Speaks

Companies who give back

-Employees participated in a “Light it Up Blue” 5k!

Hearts 2 Honduras

-Money raised was used to furnish a learning center for children

Huntington’s Disease Society of America

-Employees volunteered at “Race 13.1” 

Be the Match

-”Swab and save” event, funds and awareness raised for patients living with various types of blood cancer


-Volunteered at an event for “Adopt a Golden – Atlanta” nonprofit

Wellspring Living

-Two LT teams came together to make bags for women who were coming out of sex trafficking and “at risk” women




If you, your niece, your sister, or your friend loves a cute dress, romper or denim shorts at the perfect price, I encourage you to check out the incredible Lizard Thicket Boutique.  It is such a beautiful thing when a company could solely focus on gains and growth, but rather, they truly focus on how they can make even a small difference in their stores, and in their communities.  I will end this post with their motto – “rooted in style…growing in purpose.”  


I hope you had a weekend full of rest and recharge.  Love to you, friends!


XoXo  Lindsey Sholtis



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