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Lindsey is the creator of inspo&grace - a small town Nebraska girl who now resides in the beautiful Arizonan desert.

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The Candle Effect


It was how inspo&grace started.  I felt like I needed to do everything to make my community and this world a better place, and yet knew I simply could not do it all.  


“You cannot do it all.”  This is a line I have to remind myself every single day, and that probably does not surprise anyone who knows me well.  But it is because I believe in my heart that I’m capable of accomplishing just about anything I set my mind to! Sounds great right?  Not always. So let me rephrase that first line: “You cannot do it all exceptionally.”  I cannot give 100% to everything, if I am trying to prioritize 27 things every day or every week.  In regards to my quest to spread light into this world, I realized that I cannot run every single 5k for charity, donate thousands of dollars to every cause I see pop up, volunteer constantly, mentor youth, or fly around the world on mission trips each summer.  But what do I do when I believe that all of those things are wonderful things, that I am grateful other people do?  I spread the light they have already created!  


“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – James Keller.  The light that SO many people already shine in this world is not diminished for even one second if they want to spread that light to a thousand others.  For you church-goers, or even if you’ve been to any sort of a candlelight ceremony, you may have witnessed the breath-taking sight of a dark space getting lighter, and lighter as one candle spreads its light to two candles, then four more, then eight more, and so on it goes.  But “shining your light” can seem like such a “fluffy” way to talk about something so meaningful, and so powerful.  


What is YOUR light?  Maybe it’s your bubbly, sweet, positive personality, maybe it’s your dedication to your close-knit family, maybe it’s your passion for doing hair to make women feel confident and beautiful, or maybe it’s your heart to serve others in your community.  Whatever it is, it’s yours. You were uniquely created, and you have been on a journey that no other person has ever identically been on. If you think about it, many people start non-profits because they feel extremely personally-connected to the cause.  Only THEY could make it what it is, because of how it has affected their lives. Whatever it may be, the fact that you are living out something beautiful, special and unique to you is a gift to others around you.  By simply being a light allows others to be inspired (light their own candles from yours) without a fleeting moment of taking anything from you.  That person may then start spreading this light to others, and eventually, maybe tens, hundreds or thousands of people’s lives have been touched because of the light that started with only YOU.  


My mind and my heart suddenly changes when I let this truly sink in.  Rather than feeling helpless or even inadequate that I cannot accomplish every single good thing that needs to be done in this world, I find purpose in exactly who I am and what I was uniquely created for.  I am a true extroverted homebody. I love connecting with people, but my home is my happy place.  I think that has a lot to do with having grown up on the gravel “County Road 12” with a thousand stars in plain sight above my head at 

love, spread light, volunteering, giving back, do good, be the change, homebody, give grace, live love, love in action

night, and without a sound from the countryside surrounding our home.  But why does that matter? Knowing this about who I am helped guide me to creating inspo&grace.  

I created the website from home.  I can write my blogs from home. I am wonderfully connected with people, but do not have to be constantly in meetings or on the phone.  I, too, get to be inspired by the inspirational people/companies/stories that I share with you all. I will have stories of amazing people or things 

that I can share with my future children, without  having to be gone all of the time to learn the stories. I tend to think with my heart before my head, and with what I am creating, that just fits. And finally, I believe that love is a verb and not a noun.  This passion project of mine is my way of LIVING love in action.  


Maybe I will never run the most impactful nonprofit in Arizona.  Maybe I will never be able to travel to Africa to meet the perfect boy my husband and I sponsor in his education.  But I am using my strengths and the way I was uniquely created to be a light. Will you?  


If you will, I cannot wait to witness in real life the breath-taking sight of our homes, communities, and the world being overcome by the accumulation of individual lights from millions of people.  


Sending love to you this Sunday night,

Xoxo  Lindsey Sholtis



Photo credit: Black Mountain Photography AZ

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