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Big dreams, small beginnings.  These are my favorite kind of stories, and MudLove is exactly that.  I sometimes sit on my couch, clicking away on my refurbished laptop and wonder, could I really make a difference?  Even a dent?  The beautiful thing about inspo&grace, is that what I DO is seek out what inspires me. It’s the people, companies and stories of ordinary people doing incredible things with their lives.  Take just a moment to watch this video of MudLove’s founder, Luke, telling a little bit about MudLove then, and now.

I actually had to pause the video, and re-listen to a part that stopped me in my tracks.  

       “This was an attempt to deny self.  Something I felt God inspiring me to do. I felt like it was time to stop trying so hard to serve myself, and to start doing something good for someone else.”

This quote deeply resonated with me, because I know in my heart that my creator has called me to serve others.  I am learning over time how to love myself, and love people closest to me well, so that I have love that can overflow to others.  Seeing people like Luke start from humble beginnings, and now surpassing huge milestones for MudLove’s impact is awe-inspiring.  If you note in the video, this started 10 years ago.  It is so easy now to look at Luke, his team, and the charities they partner with’s success, and not be able to imagine the hours, days, weeks, months and years of hard work it took for them to get to this point. 


I want to share with you some of the “what” and the “why” of MudLove and their partner, Water for Good.  They provide one week of clean water to a person in the Central African Republic for each purchase of a MudLove product.  The UN rates the Central African Republic 185th out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index.  Marred with war, they are in desperate need of basic necessities with little to no recognition from the global community.   Here are just a few of the negative effects on the individuals and the communities:  

-More people die from drinking contaminated water each year than from violence, even in times of war.  Greater than 40% of the individuals who pass away are under age five. 

-The girls and women in the families spend an average of SEVEN HOURS PER DAY collecting water.  This results in minimal time to spend with their families, caring for other children, or even time to rest or do any form of recreational activities.  

-There is a negative effect on the communities due to lack of engagement in economic activities, when so much time is spent collecting water.  

-Poor sanitary conditions and lack of clean drinking water results in reduced or poor tourism, food businesses, and agriculture.  



Clean water is the first step out of extreme poverty.  The goal of Water for Good is clear: “Clean, lasting water for every man, woman, and child in the Central African Republic.”  They are confident that they will reach this goal by 2030, with programs to help teach locals how to manage and maintain the wells, as well as plans to help communities financially support their own wells for future repair needs.  Any parts or repairs that cannot be addressed by the local workers are taken care of thanks to the money raised and donated to Water for Good.  If you want to learn more about what they do to help these people and these communities have clean water for years to come, go to




The question I get asked most is, “How can I help?”  Truthfully, I do not expect every reader to immediately go to MudLove and order themselves five new coffee mugs.  But here is my hope and prayer: now you know.  Maybe next time you want to give a family member or friend a gift, you know that you can have something custom-made from a company with a heart to change the world, one week of clean water at a time.  Maybe you are like me, and saw the awesome Bachelor, Ben Higgins, wearing his “Hope” bracelet from MudLove during his entire season, and liked the message it brought.  I loved it so much, I actually bought my entire family “hope” bracelets as part of their Christmas gifts a few years ago!  Keep this company in your mind and heart. They are truly being the working hands and feet, and you may just be able to help support the work they are doing someday, when the time is right for you.  Thank you, thank you for caring enough to read a blog about a company who gives back. We need more people like those at MudLove, and more people like you in this world <3.



Have a wonderful 3-day weekend (for most of you – and please don’t let anything happen that would make you have to come to my hospital on the holiday while I’m working! 😉 )


Xoxo Lindsey Sholtis





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  1. Thanks for the awesome write up! And thank you for supporting us and Water for Good!