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What does hustle look like?


You hear it and read it everywhere:  hustle. You have to hustle.  

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I realized earlier this month that the definition I had in my mind of “hustle” was incredibly narrow.  When this word came to my mind, I started seeing images of people up late into the night, grinding out some last-minute work for their side-hustle, then getting up at 4:30am to get ready for their full-time job.  I saw images of people on instagram who posted from their co-working space meetings or weekend conferences.  Generally, my definition of it all related to “working.”  I am super curious what you all think, when you think of the word “hustle”!?


Let’s talk about super-hustler, extraordinaire, Rachel Hollis.  I love her and I cannot hide it! She definitely talks a lot about working hard, but if you listen to, or read about her life more than just what you see on an IG video, there is so much more to her.  She is where she is now because she spent years working through the balance of being a mom who works. She went to counseling for years after the trauma she experienced with the young, tragic loss of her brother.  Her marriage has taken 15 years (!!) to become as strong as it is today. They spent hundreds of hours taking parenting classes, filling out paperwork, going through heartbreak and building their hearts back up again before they got to hold their daughter, whom they adopted, in their arms.  She has had seasons in her life when she was working hard, but not just at “work.” 


I have shared similar thoughts in previous posts, but this subject has been tugging at me and I knew I had to share.  From the outside looking at me, I have looked like I’ve been “hustling.”  I honestly probably have looked that way since about middle school – always being involved in 100 things at once.  Most recently, I have been working a full-time job that I love, teaching up to three spin classes a week, working on all things inspo&grace as my entrepreneurial heart project, I’ve tutored local youth weekly, I’ve been on a medical mission trip, gotten married, travelled…it goes on and on.  And honestly, almost all of that gets a lot of accolades from outsiders. But what if some of the most non-instagrammy things that you work hard at were your hustle?  


What else could hustle look like?  What about a new mom who is working hard to balance keeping a baby alive and well, while trying to feed and treat her body well as it recovers, and maintaining a strong marriage with her husband?  What about someone who has found themselves overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, getting brave enough to make bi-monthly counseling appointments to help them come up with strategies to work through these?  What about someone who has a goal to disconnect from social media more often, meditate more, or pray more? None of these things are portrayed as “hustling,” but I truly believe that doing one or all of these things takes just as much strength, courage and work as what I used to think looked like hustling.  


I tend to write about things I have to remind myself of.  I figure, if I need to hear these words, maybe someone out there does, too.  So here they are:  Sometimes, the greatest and most life-defining moments in your life will not be glamorous.  They might look like little moments of doing the best you can day after day, or they might be significant, hard, challenging moments that teach you how to be better or stronger.  They might not have tangible results that can be shared in an instagram post, but they might be results that matter to YOU.  What you might be working so hard at right now, your “hustle,” it matters.  It matters because it is important to you.  Who cares what it looks like to other people? Who cares if it makes for a nice picture or post on the ‘gram?  At the end of the day, you are the one who lays your head on the pillow at night and reflect on how you feel, what memories you have made, or what growth you have had.  At the end of your life, I hope you can reflect back on it and feel like you lived it as who you truly are, and not for how it looked to other people.  




I know I got a little preachy there, but like I said, I have to remind myself of this almost every day!  It is a way I give myself grace and allows me to focus on what really matters in my heart.  I hope in some way, this maybe inspired you a little, too.  <3


Have an incredible rest of your weekend, friends.

XoXo  Lindsey Sholtis


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