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Little Moments Like These


Work, gym, home, Netflix (romantic comedy, of course), sleep, and the cycle starts again.  Days, weeks, months and years go by. But there is so much more to this cycle; it is filled with little moments that give life purpose.  I have reflected back on the past two weeks, and they were full of special moments that I would love to share just a few with you tonight.  


I announced to my spin community last week that I will be resigning as a spin instructor next month.  It was the step I was dreading, because although I know in my heart it is the right thing to do, the people there (other instructors, front desk girls, and my riders) are by far the best part of it.  Although I will miss seeing everyone’s faces as often as I have as an instructor, I hope to ride alongside of them, just as a rider again someday soon!  This time was bittersweet, but I hadn’t realized just how lucky I have been.  These people are incredible. Our small studio has a mix of a little bit of everyone, of every age and from every background.  Some people have been riding 3+ times per week for over 3 years! They have taught me consistency, they work so hard, they are confident, they are kind, and they are really amazing humans in their lives outside of those cycle walls.  I smiled thinking about the time I talked my mom into taking a class with me, and I introduced her to about 20 people in one hour. I had not realized just how many incredible relationships had been formed until I found myself saying, “oh my gosh you have to meet ____!”  I feel so blessed for every memory and every friendship formed at our cute little spin studio.


My favorite way to spend an evening is to take a long walk with my husband and our pup.  These walks have filled my head and heart with so many special memories, but tonight especially stuck out to me.  I watched my husband throw the ball for Ford (our dog), hook up his leash and lead us off to the long walk around the nearby neighborhood.  Most nights this makes me smile, but tonight he looked back at me, and I knew he knew. I was distracted. What I knew was that I was not just distracted, I was distracted by thoughts of worry.  For me, worry stems from fear. In a millisecond, I can worry about the past, the

engagement photo for millenial blog postpresent, and the future in 10 different ways. Can anyone relate (finances, where you will live, family plans, career, etc)?  But with one simple exchange of glances with my husband, I got to [mental] work. What worked for me in that moment was sending up a little prayer to have my worries be taken from my shoulders, so that I could enjoy this time with someone I love.  I ran 2-3 lines through my head from one of my favorite, uplifting songs. And I switched my thoughts from how am I doing, to caring about how he might be doing. Sound silly? It has taken me years to get the awareness, the strategies, and the ability to implement them that quickly.  I was grateful for doing that, because I was able to enjoy every moment of moving my body, seeing the sunset, and catching up with my husband without the internal distractions.


I have had some seriously heartbreaking patients in the past few weeks at work.  For those of you who are new here, I work at a hospital as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  It is some of the most challenging and most rewarding work I will ever do. One particular patient of mine was so elderly, had been so severely injured, and was going downhill from other complications.  This patient was severely hard of hearing, so we had to use a whiteboard to communicate on our end. With how bad the situation was, I was very limited in ways I could “help.” Patient (X), regardless of the circumstances, was one of the kindest people I have ever met.  One day, I wasn’t sure if X would be there when I got back from my days off. Something tugged at me not to let this chance go by, so I took it. Before I left the room, I let X know how grateful I was to have the honor of working with X, and how incredibly kind X was. X eyes welled up with tears, naturally, X said the sweetest response, and I left the room before I could let my eyes overflow.  Although I have a lot of strategies to keep my emotions at bay working on extremely difficult patient cases, I just knew that life was too precious to let a moment like that pass by. And I’m sure glad I didn’t. 


My final special moment I wanted to share tonight was a change of my perspective, coming to fruition.  My amazing friend (featured in an earlier blog post!) Alison survived cancer in her mid twenties. At my bachelorette party last year, she made a statement that I’ve never forgotten: “I’ve decided that being alive is more important…[than caring about how every little detail of how her body looks].”  That perspective resonates in my head constantly. If I ever catch myself being even slightly critical of my appearance, I remember this. It reminds me to be incredibly grateful for my health and what my body is capable of doing. But beyond just body image, I can apply it to circumstances. Even if circumstances are not “perfect,” it’s a darn good day because I was blessed with another day.  While my mom was here visiting, I probably thought a hundred times how blessed I am to have a wonderful, loving momma who is alive and well.  Of all of the little moments I had with her, not one of them was taken for granted.



I hope these stories resonated with you in some way.  But beyond sharing about me, I hope it spreads a message of gratitude.  Life is really precious, and can be too short. It is “little moments like these” that make it beautiful and full of purpose.  


Have an amazing night, friends. 

Xoxo Lindsey Sholtis 


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