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How you can help a child this year

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Children are the future!  Everything going on in their lives and in their classrooms now has the opportunity to shape who they become.  I can say that entering the age of my generation having kids themselves, I am constantly thinking about the example I am setting in my own life, in hopes that it may inspire my future children.  But what better example than to empower them with fundamental tools to support their creativity and learning? That’s where Yoobi comes in. yoobi, giving back, classroom, teachers, students, low income, school, school supplies


I love to read about the “why” behind companies who give back.  For Yoobi, their “why” is because millions of U.S. students lack fundamental school supplies to learn and be successful.  Studies have shown that students who have school supplies they can call their own have higher self-esteem, better classroom behavior and get better grades!  The students they support, from a young age, are already not on the same playing field as others who come from higher-income families. They want every child to have the resources and opportunities to learn and grow, while able to express their uniqueness  and creativity. Learning to read and write, crafting unique structures or projects, developing fine motor skills and so much more require school supplies. Yoobi knows how much teachers care about their students, and how much guilt or shame so many parents must feel that they cannot afford everything their child is supposed to have for school.  They want to help, but need your help, too!


Yoobi has a promise:  when you buy a Yoobi product, they will give a school supply item to a child who needs it right here in the United States.  The incredible thing about this concept is that it does not just help the students, but immensely helps the teachers who care for their students.  So many teachers take what small amount of money they make themselves, and turn around and go spend it on supplies for their classrooms. Yoobi combined which supplies were fundamental for the students’ learning, and which items teachers were most likely to purchase out of pocket, and made the “Yoobi Classroom Pack.”  They combined forces with “The Kids in Need Foundation,” and they distribute these packs to elementary schools across the U.S. where 70%+ of students are eligible for free or reduced lunches. When they send a classroom pack, it contains 425 items! 30 students get sets of school supplies, and that is potentially 425 less items teachers feel the weight of purchasing for the students that they love.   


yoobi, school supplies, students, classroom, teachers


If you are standing in the school supply section at Target and debating whether to spend $2 on a generic notebook or $3.99 on a Yoobi notebook, know that you are in the midst of a chance to be a small part of a great impact!  Thus far, Yoobi has donated 70,140,039 school supplies (yes, that reads 70 MILLION), has impacted 5,009,588 students in 166,986 classrooms in the United States so far. Every single student, teacher, or parent that benefits from their donations has been helped because someone chose a Yoobi product off the shelf.  




As always, thank you for reading friend!  As the daughter of two educators, I am extremely passionate about how education, teachers and the classroom can positively shape the futures of so many bright, young students.  The smallest of things can make the greatest differences.  That’s why I felt so drawn to feature this company for the month of November, as we inch toward the greatest month of giving 🙂


Have a wonderful rest of your week!

XoXo Lindsey Sholtis


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