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Lindsey is the creator of inspo&grace - a small town Nebraska girl who now resides in the beautiful Arizonan desert.

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The Sweet Hive: Pollinating HOPE in this World

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‘inspo&grace’ BEGAN with me looking for the good.  For the things that inspired me (see:  name of my company) and helped me remember how much good there is in humans and in this world.  I started seeing nonprofits, acts of kindness, or special moments that I would have otherwise been too distracted to notice.  But as I started formulating in my brain what I hoped inspo&grace would become, I had a lot of “mentors” (aka podcasts, books, and the community of Made with Love Markets), but I just couldn’t find anyone who was doing something really close to what I was doing.  


Then I found The Sweet Hive!  The owner is a gal named Vickie, and in addition to running everything for her small business, she is a wife & momma!  She has a blog linked to her website, and it was so special to read about her story.   She has shared about the anxieties of being unemployed, and then pursuing her dream through this small business.  She also touches on topics we ALL can relate to: time management, knowledge (ie. learning how to run a business when you have no clue what you are doing – me), spiritual and physical health, having fun and remembering to jam out, shopping small, and the 5 the Thrive concept (heyy Rachel Hollis fans!).  


So what is The Sweet Hive?  It’s the world’s cutest shop with tees, flannel shirts, accessories, and the greatest leopard print skirts that match everything.  All of the clothes having inspiring sayings  on them like “Take Courage”

and “Not Giving Up.” Even better? She donates 10% of her sales to a Dallas Dog Rescue!  Even better better?  She and her family started fostering dogs through the rescue, just like my husband and me!  I am entirely convinced that she is my soul sister living in Texas :).  


What I love about following her is that she does more than just sell clothes.  She has this special addition to her company called “Pollinate Hope.”  PH is such an incredible, personal project that she offers for free. You can go to their website and write a few words to a total stranger, or someone you care about.  Also, if you are lucky enough to be in the Dallas area, she sets up a “hope” station that you can fill out the postcards in person!  Then, she sends the cards out for free. It just takes a little love and a few words on a card to make a difference, and truly to “pollinate hope” in this world.  


I am feeling extra thankful for people like Vickie who are out there working so hard to spread light and love in her family, community and the world.  There could never be enough people like her, truly. Go check her out and give her a follow on her instagram! <3




I’ve missed writing blogs, and was soooo glad to sit down and write up something that takes me back to my roots:  what inspires me. Love you all, cannot wait to share more in 2020!




Lindsey Sholtis



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