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I won’t say it…OKAY I will, but just once!  I love dogs and candles. Okay now that that’s off my chest, we can get on to the point.  Featuring this company was a no-brainer. It is a company that gives back to shelter dogs with the purchases of amazing-smelling candles.  Before I ever saw the products, I got to meet the incredible gal behind DOG Candle Co. at a local small business conference.  It was obvious from the moment I met her just how passionate she was (is) about making an impact.  


Jenni, the founder and creator of “Doing Others Good” Candle Co., is a volunteer at the Maricopa County Animal shelter and with the Community Canine Project.  The volunteers with the CCP go into the county shelter and do enrichment activities with the dogs, take them out for day-fostering, play groups, group walks with the dogs, and take incredible photographs of them to help get them adopted.  If you have ever walked the noisy, concrete-lined halls at a local county shelter, you know how stressful of an environment places like that can be on the dogs.  Through all of the work that they do, they give the dogs with little to no hope a chance at life with a forever family. They seriously have hearts of gold. [find them on instagram here]


Jenni sells hand-poured vegan, soy candles and hostesses candle-making classes.  A portion of the profits made are used to donate microchips, enrichment items (ie. chewy bones), collars, or monetary donations directly to rescues.  


What I love most about Jenni is that she has the experience to know what these dogs need.  She has been there when the shelters have been over-crowded, when they’ve been on lock-down due to distemper, when they have been nearly-cleared due to free adoption events, and every week in-between.  I know that there are people out there like me who want to help, but may not know exactly what is needed, or may not have the time to volunteer regularly.  It is incredible knowing that there are people out there like her who are doing the work, and that you can support with the simple purchase of a (or many) candle(s)! 



You can purchase DOG candles on their website, in Arizona at the following locations (no shipping costs needed!)

Botanica at The Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ

Cleanse Face & Body Bar in Gilbert, AZ

Gather PHX located inside The Churchill in Downtown Phoenix, AZ

Huss Brewing Co Taprooms in Phoenix + Tempe, AZ 

Pampr’d Soul in Scottsdale, AZ

Studio223 in Gilbert, AZ

Vibetality in Chandler, AZ 



DOG candles also available in-person in the following states:  CA, ID, and WY. Find out more information here.  

My personal favorite is the mantra candle, “limitless.”  The mantra encourages me, and the candle smells SOOOOO good!   In addition to her website, remember that likes, comments, messages and shares are all FREE ways you can support this amazing gal on the DOG Candle Co. instagram <3


Thank you for reading, friends!  Have an amazing week, and stay safe whether you are in your homes or if you are in a job that requires you be out in the community.  Sending you so much love <3




All information about DOG Candle Co. and photographs found on the website:

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