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I have to start this blog on this incredible local company with a confession!  I’m more of a tea gal 🙂  My Spanish “madre” when I lived abroad tried to get me to like coffee by making a delicious concoction for me every morning, and I was hooked!  Until…I realized my waistline was, well, expanding noticeably.  I decided to find out exactly what this concoction was made of, and then it all made sense!  She put approximately one third of a cup of sweetened-condensed milk in every cup!  Oh man.  Now I know that all along, it was the sugary taste that I loved.  I will leave coffee drinking to the people who truly appreciate it :).

Now on to what really matters. 


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Earnest & Humble Co. starts with coffee, but their mission and vision go far beyond the beans.  It started with generations of coffee growers in Uganda, a family that Earnest & Humble Co.’s founder, Ernest Nteza, was born into.  As he got older, he was able to learn about the processes used to naturally grow and roast coffee, as well as how to resourcefully use and respect the precious land they had.  This learning grew into a passion; one that he wanted to share with others.  


Their mission statement says it all:

“To offer high quality, sustainable products while inspiring people to spread kindness, love, and generosity.” 

Check out their page that outlines their values and beliefs, here

___coffee, uganda, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic

Let’s get to the details!  The coffee is sustainable, gourmet, single-origin, organic, yeast-free, mold-free, ethically-sourced directly from East African farmers, and naturally processed while saving water.  What more could you ask for?  Okay, I’ll tell you more!

You can purchase this coffee as a K-cup or whole beans in a medium or french roast.  Your coffee orders will be shipped within 48 hours, and if you want a subscription, they are shipped twice a month!  

Your purchase helps to empower individuals and strive for one goal, to live as “…one tribe, one global community, who all believe in the power of connection, the beauty in differences and the protection of our planet.”


How awesome is it that we can support such an incredible mission, lest I mention support his growing family and a small business, by purchasing delicious coffee, and following them and showing some love on social media?!  A few “likes” on instagram can reach humans in Africa.  That is something to wrap your mind around.  Thank you all for your continued support of companies who give back in SO many ways!  Together, we absolutely ARE making a difference <3


Miss you friends, & thinking of you always!  Stay safe & keep showing up!

XoXo, Lindsey Sholtis



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