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Shining a Light on Autism, One Swaddle at a Time

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I recently finished the book, “I am in here,” written by Elizabeth Bonker and Virginia Breen.  It was incredible!  Autism presents itself in many forms, and each human with autism is incredibly unique.  The bond between Elizabeth and her mother (also, tireless advocate) is evident in every story and every chapter of the book.  However, the bond is built through some of the most challenging of times.  It’s built from hope, it’s built on non-verbal communication, it’s built through Elizabeth’s poetry (yes – she expresses herself on a communication board primarily through poetry!), and it’s built through a deeper, more sacrificial love than most will ever know.


The world of autism seems to be one of those that you can only understand once you’re in it.  But even those of us who haven’t been quite as personally impacted by autism (I did work with some children with autism in graduate school, but that is the furthest extent of my experience), I still strongly believe it’s important to learn.  To educate myself.  To try to understand enough that I can be an ally.


Enter, our featured company who cares:  Forever French Baby <3 !


This AZ momma has created a line of beautiful, high quality baby products.  Oh, and did I mention how incredibly adorable the line is?!  The most special part of her line is the “Charli Collection,” named for her daughter, who was given an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis at 2 years old.  Much like Elizabeth’s poetry from the book, Charli also has a way of expressing herself:  through her art.


The Charli Collection are baby products that have Charli’s awesome artwork printed on them.  The goal is to spread autism awareness, acceptance, and always, hope.  Check out the collection here!


Often times I like to share what I find on the media pages of my featured companies, but I felt incredibly called to link you to one of the most recent blog posts that Chantelle (creator of Forever French Baby) wrote herself.  It’s raw, it’s important, and it’s beautiful.  Link found here.


Let’s show so much love and support to this momma, her incredible daughter, and to everyone in the autism community!


Thank you for reading, friends.  Stay safe and healthy <3



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