inspo&grace Boutique

10% of the profits from the boutique will be donated directly to refugee families or refugee-support nonprofits. 
 Thank you for your love & support!

Total Donations:


As of April 2021

Check Out These Businesses!

These businesses all give back - come back to the site to check out full features of these businesses, and more!

The Little market by lauren conrad

Bags, candles, accessories, home decor & more!  An independent, nonprofit that provides income through fair trade with artisans from all around the world. 


Mugs, doggie bowl, bracelets, vases, and other beautiful pottery options! They partner with "Water for Good" to provide ONE WEEK of clean water for one person with every purchase. 


Ever heard of them?! ;) Check this out - they have donated more than $89 MILLION to environmental groups since 1985!


They started with a mission to rid the world of plastic waste, by making amazing hair/face/body bars, bottle-free! Almost all products under $20 <3 They also donate 20% of their profits to charity every year.

Lizard thicket Boutique

Besides having the CUTEST clothes on the planet!!.. (probably 1/4 of my wardrobe is from this store!), one Wednesday every month they choose a charity to donate 10% of their sales to. 

B l o g  S n e a k-p e e k...

"If you are a small town gal or big city slicker, Muslim or Christian, vote differently than I do or exactly as I do, were born in a war-torn village or a quiet cul-de-sac, love someone of the same gender or someone of the opposite, suffer from addiction or from mental illness, love the fashion industry or wear muddy boots seven days a week, live in a hut or live in a mansion, love Cardi B or love smooth jazz…. you are loved, you are seen, and you are so incredibly welcome here in the inspo&grace community. "

-Lindsey sholtis